Friday, September 9, 2011

Events and Speculations

August 10th, Axel's soccer game

August 11th
Axel and I, intensely admiring the Australian twenty dollar bill...IT'S MADE OF PLASTIC.

August 11th
Pappa Anders and I, on a boat ride.

August 12th
Me, Lena, Axel and Emil...THUMBS UP. 
It was taco night, that's ALWAYS a good night.

August 19th
Me, Ida and Anders

The fam bam

August 20th
Swedish Crayfish Party !

Eating crayfish like a real pro

Intense conversation

August 21st

Ignore the stupid look on my face, that watermelon was amazing

Group photo !

August 21st
Late night sushi

August 27th
Another crayfish party, they really are delicious !

Making crayfish out of modeling clay !

September 3rd
Lighting some candles 

Family photo time, take 1

...And take 2

Anders and I

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