Monday, November 28, 2011

Jag Kommer Från Sverige...Ha, No, I Wish.

So I had a bit of bad luck. Whilst I was in Sweden, my computer's logic board and graphics card went completely...for lack of a better word...fucked. Not to worry ! I got my computer back today, all my photos  are still there, the hard drive was completely unharmed. Phew. So you may be wondering why I didn't move my ass and write this message 2 WEEKS AGO, well, I am...Lazy. Very, very lazy. Speaking of laziness, when I was in Sweden, I tried to convince myself, and everybody else around me, that I was not a lazy person. Yeah, scoff away. It ended in me doing 50 push ups. This was supposedly going to make me seem not lazy. I was never supposed to do 50, you see, this is what happened:
Pappa Anders: Alright Margot, so if you are not a lazy person, how about some push ups ?
Me: Pssht, yeah alright. 20 ?
Pappa Anders: 25 ?
Me: Ha ! Easy ! I could do 50 and not even break a sweat.
Pappa Anders: Fine then, do 50 ?
Me: ...Fine.

I struggled to do the last few all because I had to open my mouth and be a complete retard. I am clearly a genius...Or...Maybe...

So to make up for my laziness, here are some unseen photos of my "final" weekend in Stockholm (But still one of many, many more to come !)

Mamma Lena makes the best meatballs,
you may think that your mother does...But you could be wrong ! 

A ball of deliciousness

Axel's hat looks badASS on me...yeah...ALRIGHT.


Blabbering on, as usual.

Auntie Mona !

Watching Linn horse ride

Me and Linn !

Axel and I

Autumn fika !

Halloween 2011, very good time indeed.

When I walk past people in the street, they cower in fear. I am just that scary.

It needed to be done !

Group photo

I gave Emil a present, and may I just say, my present was very very cool.

I don't know what kind of conversation we could have been having, that would call for this hand gesture...?

Tjena Axel 

Mamma Lena !

Emil, Axel, Me and Mamma Lena

Oh yeah ! Emil is BAD. ASS.

Vasa Museum

Axel and Martin

The backs of our heads are very photogenic, you know.

Mamma Lena and Auntie Karin 

We all have very lost expressions...Hehe

Axel, me and Martin

Pre-Romeo-and-Juliet-the-Musical food !

Each one of our expressions is quite fantastic, no ?

Linnea and I



Reppin' Emil's hat, yo waddup dog. 

Gamla stan !

"Snälla, Karin, get in the picture ! Snällaaaaaaa"

Fika fika FI-KA
Fika fika FI-KA

Saying goodbye to Emil 

The whole purpose of my trip to Sweden, was to learn how to open a bottle of milk.
I didn't end up doing it, but HEY, IT'S HARDER THAN IT LOOKS.

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