Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Last Minute Packing...Of Course.

It comes to no surprise at all that at the last minute (hours before my flight) I decide to pack my suitcase. Wow, Margot, aren't you a logical one ! This time, I have also decided to try a new tactic for "flying mode". I always "dress to impress" when I board a flight, for example, high heels, hair pulled up and a black coat. Except today, I thought, why not put on some comfortable clothes ? I did it in my own manner, yes, but still, to me, what I am wearing is comfortable yet not dorky. I know people really hate it when people dress up for a flight, but what I really hate is people who wear sneakers on a flight. As in, running shoes. Come on, you are not running a bloody marathon dude, you're going to be on a flight for 8 hours SITTING DOWN. I think that if I can make a flight connection in 5 inch platform heels in 15 minutes, someone in sneakers could also easily make it, no sweat. Really people, sneakers really are not a must. Unless you wear them because that is just what you wear day-to-day. In that case, I apologise.

I'll keep you all updated with blog posts from France (and Sweden !).

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