Saturday, December 10, 2011

Would You Care For Some Christmas Tea ?

It's a little depressing when you are in Sydney in the middle of December and it's so gray and rainy outside that you think it's the middle of Autumn. Come on Sydney. Get it together ! I went shopping for Winter clothes yesterday, actually. I am off to France next week and seeing as I will be visiting Sweden as well, I need to make sure I don't go in a bikini and flip flops. I figure since I will be spending more and more time over there I may as well invest. So what did I choose to invest in ? Well, well, inquisitive one. I got myself a down jacket, a Merino wool sweater (100% and so, so warm), some under clothes and a very warm, fleecy, Polyester jacket. I love the Winter time. Christmas tea, snow, candles, fireplaces, winter hats, hot cocoa, Christmas lights, chopping down pine trees and eating gingerbread. What's not to love ? 

Down jacket, scarf and a knitted, burgundy Winter hat

100% Merino wool sweater and a furry and woolly knitted Winter hat

Fleecy, 100% Polyester jacket, a silk, turquoise scarf and a black berét

Up close and personal: The 100% Merino wool sweater

Up close and personal: The 100% Polyester jacket

Up close and personal: The Down feather jacket

Up close and personal: My leather Winter boots

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