Saturday, April 14, 2012

60s Revival and a Plan Ahead

I got a new haircut, it's almost Winter here in the Southern Hemisphere so I thought I was time for a groove worthy Winter hairstyle. So I thought I would also do some planning ahead, let you all know what I have in store. I have heaps of photos lined up for all of you, I promise I will stop neglecting you! I've decided to be broader, I'll include some fashion photos, like outfits I put together and such, I'll also feature (once every two weeks) a photographer, amateur or professional, who I admire. I will also do a feature every now and then of vacation places I recommend or aspire to visit. Here is a bigger thing I am really excited for...
As some of you might know, my house is being renovated and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to track the progress and show you all the finished product. I will also be doing the interior designing for it, so I will do a feature on each of the rooms plus ideas for DIY, colour schemes, furnishings and decorations.

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