Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fortnightly Featured Photographers: Mario Testino

This is the start of my "Fortnightly Featured Photographers" series, who knows how long it will last for, but let's try to live in the moment, shall we ? The intention of this series is to feature every two weeks a photographer that I admire – They can be any level of photographer, ranging from amateur to professional. I want to do this so I can shine a light on talents in our society because art should be shared and it really saddens me when I mention an extremely talented photographer and no one has any idea who they are. So this is an attempt I suppose to change that, and at least the people who read my blog will be able to learn about these photographers I am so passionate about.

The first in the series is a photographer who could perhaps be one of my favourites. Mario Testino does provocative like no other photographer I know, it's provocative, sexually appealing but still chic and sophisticated. Most of his work is fashion photography and very much focuses on the female form, leaving his models almost always wearing the bare minimum. My favourite work of his (almost to the point that I think I might have it printed and framed) has to be his photo shoot with Claudia Schiffer wearing a black "cat" like mask, which was on the cover of Vogue. This photo is below.

All the works above have been photographed by Mario Testino, all copyright belongs to him. 

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