Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Checking In On The Renovations

If you follow my blog or know me in person, chances are you know my house is currently under renovation. And if you are a keen follower, chances are you know that I want to do a before and after project and really take this as an opportunity to start my own little interior design project. I've already started picking out my kitchen and bathroom and I unfortunately cannot do much else until I have my windows and doors put in so I can judge properly with the right lighting. Nonetheless, here are the photos and what it looks like so far ! I'll post a new photo every week to show you all the progress.

First thing to be done: Knocking down all the walls, flooring and
setting out a foundation. (I'm guessing, I'm really not an expert whatsoever...
I mean I did woodshop in 8th Grade, that's probably about it.)

Everything's all clear and neat now. 

These were taken about a week or two ago, these are all the walls that will be on the ground floor,
 the empty space inbetween is where French doors and windows will be, and they will open up to a
 terrace on the left side of the house.

Above those beams will be a sort of a second level, but more attic and mezzanine like, it'll  be an informal lounge
 or a chill out zone, as I like to refer to it. 

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