Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Story About Friday Night

So my Friday, the day part anyway, felt a little bit ephemeral, more than usual. Most of the time it passes quite quickly anyway, because I'm still stuck in a school routine and I find that a structured routine always leads to an ephemeral feeling, rather than spending the day doing nothing. This time, however, we had the pleasure of a very wintery day, thus making the middle of the day feel like the beginning of the evening. Now, if you note any cynicism in this little personal anecdote I'm writing, you're actually misinterpreting me completely, I absolutely adore winter and the feeling of winter, it makes me feel all warm and cosy. Which is always a happy thing for me. Nevertheless, the day was mediocre and I was in a really horrible mood, but then when school was almost out, it started getting grey and rainy and I immediately thought, "SWEET, IT'S RAINING, THIS IS PERFECT MOVIE WATCHING WEATHER."

So the night came around and I spent one third of it nannying for my favourite little munchkins, and in a very positive turn of events, I even managed to convince my very special man friend, that makes him sound like some old canine, but I digress, to come and babysit with me. After smelling like butter, broccoli and baby powder (and obviously, after the mother came home) we left and headed back to his place. The end of that sentence sounds like it would lead to some sort of intense romantically sexual conclusion, but actually we just watched Lord of The Rings until around one in the morning. Then the intense battle scene (which I was fighting to keep awake for as I'd been told it was pretty epic) was interrupted by drunken teenagers invading the den and as much as I wanted to be antisocial, I couldn't fight the urge to at least say hello. So all in all, it was a good friday night, nothing too out of the usual.

Moral of this pointless story of my friday night: Lock yourself up in your bedroom, watch Lord of the Rings and never come out for anything. Basically, just turn yourself into a desolate human being.

I promise I have a life.

Margot Ana xx

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