Friday, April 26, 2013

Star Magazine: The 20 Most Hated Celebrities

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This is mainly about the above-stated list and picture. I suggest you read this, before you read the following, so you can get into the headspace I'm dealing with here: 
(Keep in mind, the article is not disagreeing nor agreeing with Star Magazine's list, and this response is not about the article but about the list and this strange celebrity-hating culture we seem to have adopted)

So I'm just going to let out a little bit of the annoyance I am feeling at the moment. Here we go.

Everybody needs to stop hating on celebrities. By this, I mean criticising, attacking and mocking. This goes for ALL celebrities, but specifically the female celebrities of today. I mean come on people, don’t we have anything better to do than constantly be on our toes, waiting for any celebrity to open their mouth so we can judge them?

I’m going to deal with the female sector of celebrities, because I feel like most of the hate is generated toward them (notice how I say
most, I’m not trying to start a Men Vs. Women debate here). For example, we cannot hate, say, Taylor Swift for dating “tonnes of guys”. Yes, she kissed a few frogs and decided to move on rather than stay with them. By the logic of “She’s a slut because she had too many boyfriends”, we’re implying that you can avoid being a slut by sticking to a single guy. That’s all well and good, and seemingly logical, but what about if the guy was a total fuckwit? Or a cheating, lying douchebag? Or there simply wasn’t as much connection or “chemistry” you thought there was to begin with? Does that mean you have to stay with him anyway because you don’t want to be a slut?

That my friend is giving into society’s twisted views, labels and expectations of women (and men while we're at it). So leave her alone, we can’t exactly
all sit here saying we’ve only ever dated one guy and one guy only. We shouldn’t have a limit to how many men we are allowed to date, love can be hard to find and some can’t always be lucky enough to find it the first time around.

We also cannot hate Anne Hathaway or Katherine Heigl for being successful, smart and seemingly “perfect” or annoying do-gooders. This is just bitchy girl on girl misogyny. Calm the fuck down, yes they are successful and no, nobody asked you to care or to be happy for them. As far as we're concerned, their success is fairly irrelevant to our own lives. Maybe if we all spent less time hating successful women we would have some of our own success. Get off your arse and get a job, or better, get a career. Make some money. Have some kids. Don’t have some kids. Do whatever will make you happy.

I could go on for pages and pages about all the various celebrities we like to hate on, and why we shouldn’t, but you would have a dissertation on your hands and I doubt anyone would care too much to read it.

All I’m trying to communicate to everyone here is that we can’t generally hate people we don’t actually know personally. We can create our own image of them through the media and social networking, but we shouldn’t judge or hate people we don’t actually know personally.

And before I get stupid feedback like “We hate murderers and terrorists, but we don’t know them personally” or “Well I hate Hitler and I didn’t know him personally” or some derivative of that, come on. Get real. Anne Hathaway isn’t exactly Hitler.

Thank you and goodnight. Ranting done for the day. 

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