Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ow to the Nth Degree

I think I may have broken my toe. I know what you must all be thinking,

"Really Margot? Is that what you're writing a post about?"

YES. YES IT IS. Because let me tell you, for those who have never impaled their toe due to the unfortunate bumping into of tables, YOU DO NOT KNOW PAIN OKAY.

So yes, that is an understatement, because there are worse things – Definitely, without a doubt. But it kills so badly right now, and I'm not sure whether I broke my toe, sprained it (is that even possible??) or just badly bruised it.

So now I can't walk anymore, I just waddle.

Like a penguin.

It's great.

I look so sexy I could strut down a runway.

But anyway, I'm off on a brainstorming adventure to figure out what my next post should be (my next REAL post).

Therefore, I'm afraid I shall bid thee farewell dear princess (or prince) and say TOODLELOO !

Margot Ana xx

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