Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Coming & Going

"The rude awakening of the morning struck a light in my eyes. Enveloped in a never-ending sea of dandelions, the occasional delicate flower sprouted where it was unwanted. This is where I lay. As I arched myself over, I lifted myself up and stood in the fields that had coaxed me into a deep slumber. I wondered where I was, and how I had gotten to be here. I wondered who I was or what I was. I wondered if there was any chance I was still dreaming. I stood perplexed as waves of confusion began to wash over me, and I looked up past the trees and the flowers, over the worn wooden fence that barely held any purpose, and began to make my way toward the ever shifting horizon."

(Copyright Margot Alais)

I wanted to write a response to the picture above. If you like to write, sometimes it's nice to test your abilities and your creativity, I recommend writing a small piece inspired by a photograph, it's a good way to spend a moment or two. I don't have any original photographs by me to share with you, so I thought I would do a little something different. I'm considering sharing an excerpt of a short story I've written (and continuously edit), but I'm pretty skeptical about putting that on the internet for copyright reasons. But anyway, who knows I might share a little excerpt from that soon. 

Things have been hectic with studying and such, so I apologise for the lack of posts/photographs, I haven't had too much time to go out there and take photos but hopefully the next post will be original photos. 

Lots of love, 
Margot Ana

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