Monday, July 29, 2013

I See a Road Trip at the End of the Tunnel ?

Hello my scintillating readers, I'm just writing a little post to plan out what's to come, and where I'm at in my life and how it affects my blog. 

So currently, I'm going through exam periods and it's been incredibly difficult to maintain a steady flow of posts and have time to take photographs and all of that. However, my first round of exams will be over next week (can I hear a whoop whoop?) and that means I will have time to go out into the world just for you and take photos and post them up here. 

So here are some things you may be interested to know, including not so subtle implications of the subject matters of my photographs: 

-Next week I'm going to experiment with some night photography, I've spotted a great spot near the water 
-The week after I'm going on a little road trip into the mountains, so be prepared for some travel and wilderness shots 
-Later down the track, around November, there is a possibility of going down to Melbourne, so I'll be able to do some street photography and city nightscapes. 
-In December (December 10th to be precise) I'm heading back to my hometown, Paris, and spending my Christmas in the South of France with my friends and family, and my best friend who is flying over from Australia with me !  Then we're having a little 2 month European adventure around Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Holland and England. So get ready for some hardcore travel shots. 
-After our trip, I'll be living in France until August 2014, and I'll most likely take some impromptu trips around Europe. Plus I'm hoping to spend part of the Summer back in Sweden (and we all know how much we love Sweden). 

So that's a little intimate sharing of what my calendar's looking like, hope you are all having a good Summer/Winter (for us poor people in the Southern Hemisphere). In the mean time here's some of my favourite photos of the past week and look forward to sharing the rest of my plans with you ! 

Lots of love, 
Margot Ana xx

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