Monday, April 7, 2014

Marrakech | Part I | Jardin Majorelle

Those who follow me on instagram are probably aware that I'm a little *cough* late, with the photos, but I sincerely apologise. You can probably guess I'm a serial procrastinator... However, it did take a while to sift through the vast amount of photos I took, and then my birthday came along and I was in party mode, and...Excuses, excuses.

But here it is, Marrakech Part I:

My cousin Elise and I rocked up to Marrakech airport, where we were welcomed by a little rain and some seriously intense airport security. However as soon as we got to our hotel, we were immediately in a good mood. We stayed at the Hotel Pullman: Marrackech Palmeraie Resort & Spa. We were able to get a bundle deal that included airfares, hotel and buffet breakfast and dinner, saved us a good deal of dough. We both recommend it highly, we really spent a good time there and I believe they have quite a few other locations over all the globe, so for sure check it out if you're considering a little holiday (there is always a good deal to snag).

We went into the town to visit a couple of the sights, and so I've divided up this post into three parts, so it's less all over the place. First up was the Jardin Majorelle, which is part of Yves Saint Laurent's estate in Marrakech. Little fun facts: Yves Saint Laurent was born in Algeria like my family (he is also Pied-Noir) and moved to Paris at 18 to pursue a career in fashion but later in his life bought a villa here in Marrakech. So these gardens carry tributes to him, and are where his ashes were scattered (and the urn buried), hence it being quite the prominent tourist attraction.

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