Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Marrakech | Part II | The Town & Souk

We visited the town and the souk, a huge open air market place where nothing ever really has a fixed price, so if you are a good bargainer, you should probably swing by this place. It did feel quite different walking down the streets of Marrakech. I mean, it has to be said that, as a woman you really feel men's eyes on you and you kind of need to be careful, but aside from that, the rest was positive, you really felt in a different universe. Donkeys pulling carts walk by you, old farmers sitting peacefully on the cart's bench. Desert reds and browns contrast with the colossal mountains on the horizon, which are still fresh with snow despite the 30 degrees celsius. The sun can be almost blinding, and you see the locals subconsciously squint their accustomed eyes in order to cope with the light, whereas you find yourself retreating to your sunglasses. One thing can definitely be said, I've never seen a richer, bluer, clearer sky in all my life.

Photos do not even do it justice.

Yes, that is an orange tree in the middle of the street. Apparently this is normal...

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