Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Marrakech | Part III | Hotels & Spa Days

One of the main reasons we visited Marrakech was really just to have a relaxing getaway, somewhere peaceful where we can soak up the sunshine and unwind (especially for my cousin). So naturally, some spa sessions were in need (or want). We spent some time in our own hotel's spa, which was really nice and relaxing...

However, another place takes the cake as the ultimate destination. We went to the Palais Rhoul for lunch and a massage, where they had mind-blowingingly exquisite grounds – they alone would put anyone in a chill disposition. Elise and I both immediately thought of Star Wars, and if you glance below, you'll know what I mean. 

This is basically Naboo but on earth and in Morocco. 

We ate some delicious food, some Moroccan salads and tajines, which were possibly the best I have ever tasted (sorry Mama...) but I think the grounds themselves just enhanced everything we did...I have honestly never seen such a breathtaking place as this resort and spa. 

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