Monday, April 14, 2014

Stuff I've Been Diggin' Recently

Yo what's up ma readers. 

I love April. Especially in the northern hemisphere because:
a) It's my birthday month 
b) It's Spring and who doesn't love all them blossoms 

I've had some time to unwind between all the travelling (minus Marrakech, that was also unwinding time). Because, don't laugh at me when I say this, travelling all the time is actually exhausting – being constantly on my feet and doing things all the time eats away at my sleeping hours. 

As the weather has been warming up, here are some things I've been diggin' recently:

Bronzing (Tanning) pills: These are little magical wonders. They help prep your skin for the sun, and also aid in getting more of a golden hue. Disclaimer: They in no way provide protection against UV rays and the use of sunscreen is advised. 

Quirky shades: I am totally getting in these bad boys. I bought them at Urban Outfitters in London, and I plan on expanding my collection...Hopefully including a dupe of these.

Bright nail polish: Oval or almond shaped nails are so hype right now. Bright orange-hued reds are also timeless and super fun for the season, and will stay appropriate right into the Summer. (Except who cares, I'll wear this baby all year 'round !)

Nail polish pictured: OPI's 'Red My Fortune Cookie'

Interior design and decoration magazines: I don't why, but I seriously love these. Around this season they always have super fun layouts and ideas. Not really in the market for a new place, but some re-decorating back home...Perhaps. I recommend Elle Decoration or Vogue Living.

Exciting literature: This little gem is another one of Philip Kerr's "modern classics". It's a really good read, and top combination of modern history, mystery and perfect syntax. Not through with it yet, but so far so good.

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