Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Age-Old Ritual of Brunch

Surprise surprise to all my readers, I'm in Canada...Margot traveling to a new place, how unheard of. 

I did a thing on Sunday (yes, a thing!) and went to a buffet brunch (yes, a buffet!) to basically test the limits of my appetite – I actually realised I can, contrary to popular belief, reach a point where my appetite subsides, so that's fun. 

The place we went to for brunch is at an old mill, and has gushing water alongside it, which is surprisingly appeasing and peaceful despite the violent currents. I think it would be more due to the fact that the inside was so cosy and warm, all finished in wood and just homey. My grandmother and I are visiting our family who lives in Ottawa, so we have our own free tour guides (I pay them in too many hugs).  We visited the little village around the mill too, which is along a beautiful lake. There were heaps of cute little stores and bakeries and, just across the lake, up in the hills and forest, you could see beautiful houses and only imagine the kind of view they must have. 

For those wondering where my suitcase and I will end up next, my cousin Laura and I are off to NYC this weekend, and we'll be staying a good week there, and the week after the rest of the fam and I will head to Montréal to spend our last weekend exploring the city. 

Can't wait to share it all with you, thanks for reading as always and hope you like the photos.

xx Margot Ana

Terence & Laura: My cousins 

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