Friday, May 30, 2014

Stuff I've Been Diggin' Recently #2

Since the last one got some hype (I look at my stats wow, I'm so scientific), I thought I might do a Summer edition of "Stuff I've Been I've Diggin' Recently". 

We've been enjoying a lot of Summer weather since it's coming to the end of Spring, so naturally, we've had to crack out the flip-flops and get out to enjoy the sunshine. Also scroll to the end of the post for some healthy Summer (or any time of the year really for my Australian buds) recipes that I've discovered ! I'm still reading the book I pictured in the last post, so unfortunately nothing new yet on the literature front, but a lot of fun new buys and old favourites. 


EOS lip balms: Bought these babies back in NYC and I've been obsessed with the green one pictured on the left.  It's honeydew scented/flavoured and works incredibly well. I was a little tired of my potted lip balm, because being out and about I didn't want to stick my finger into the pot every time I needed some lip balm and get sticky fingers (or really just transfer the germs into the pot). The bright coral one is yet to be used but I am so pleased with its green counterpart, I'm sure I'll love it too. 

Ralph Lauren flip-flops: I'm not really much of a flip-flop fan to be honest, usually because they aren't a shoe I really wear about (aside from by the beach/pool/lake etc.) and I really liked these because I thought they were the dressier cousin of the typical flip-flop... And also the natural leather/navy/white combo attracted me as soon as I walked into the store and I had a Ralph Lauren fangirl moment (if they even exist).

Sugarpova Gumballs: Praise needs to go to Maria Sharapova for these, they are bloody tasty. They have a strawberry/lemon flavour to them, very zesty and refreshing and also they are in the shape of tiny pink tennis balls so what is not to love ??

Polysianes Body Cream: Sun means hydration which means moisturise. This smells so good and also does what it's supposed to without leaving you feeling greasy and sticky. And it's less mainstream than the Body Shop so you can feel hipster at the same time. Win win ?

Vichy Self Tanner: So this looks like a small bottle, but it's mostly to correct your tan-lines-gone-wrong. And if you're not much of a sun-tanner, get a bigger tube and get some colour without the health risks ! (That's a real win.) This is also very moisturising and is good for just coming out of winter (Hi, I have vampire legs and tanned arms). I also bought their spray on sunscreen which is alcohol free and is non-greasy, I highly recommend !

Fun nail polish: For me, it really wouldn't be Summer without weird/cool/bright colours on my nails. Here's a little selection of colours I'm really loving right now: (left to right) Essie - 'The More the Merrier', OPI - 'I Eat Mainely Lobster', Essie - 'Meet Me at Sunset', KIKO - '389 Mint Milk'

The Recipes
Something for everyone this season.

For the vego:
Chopped kale salad w/ creamy almond-ginger dressing. Click here.

For the meat lover:
Steak sandwiches w/ shallot-thyme aioli. Click here.

For your sweet-tooth:
Click here.

For your inner-mixologist:
Click here.

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