Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Amsterdaminator *

*Margot Ana, coming up with cheesy post titles since '11

If you guys remember, I was in Amsterdam for the first time a few months back, I even wrote a blog post while I was there. This month I was back, for some June sunshine and some fast-paced daily cycling – done to a peppy upbeat playlist of course.

I met up with my dad while I was there, and my cousin Elise (you may remember her from such international trips as Marrakech and Florence) was celebrating a milestone birthday, so we invited her up to Amsterdam to celebrate. We rented in a really cool apartment right next to Amsterdam's Oosterpark via AirBnB and rented bikes in order to get the full DUTCH EXPERIENCE. With some super busy days lined up, we'd come home absolutely exhausted, so thankfully there was a hip beer garden around the corner which we retreated to for some unwinding with a fresh Dutch beer.

Top 3 highlights of our trip and recommendations:
- Cheese tasting by one of Amsterdam's most prestigious cheese companies (click here to learn more.)
- Mata Hari, a really cool bar in Amsterdam's red light district
- Vondelpark, Amsterdam's largest recreational park, amazing place to relax, play music, read a book or even do your weekly injection of fitness.

And then of course you have the Rijks Museum, the Anne Frank House and other usual museums and attractions.

(You can even do the UNSPEAKABLE and go to one of Amsterdam's many Coffeeshops...)

Till next time,
xx Margot Ana

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